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Single Bangle Jewelry Organizer White

$ 69.95

Single Bangle Jewelry Holder Organizer White 

    Oak Wood with a White Finish. We femininely and elegantly design our holders with a woman in mind. Professional woodworking techniques are used, making for a strong durable holder. They are made to have grace & elegance and beautiful to boot!!
    72-144 Pairs of Earrings- depending on how you arrange them  72 PAIRS with one earring per hole, one earring per slit. 144 PAIRS (double) if one pair is put in each hole, and one pair in each slit - only when using wire earrings (in the slits).
    Holds thick bangle bracelets or slim bracelets, just slide them on. Will also hold Watches which come full circle (so they won't fall off)  It will hold all of your most favorite bracelets, thin or thick ones. Just lift up bar and remove bracelets. It is that simple.
    This has 11 staggered necklace pegs that hold 11-33 necklaces or lots more depending on style & thickness of the necklaces
    21" tall x 14" wide, 2 1/2 inches deep
    Pegs 3/4" actual peg storage
    YOU will hang this YOURSELF!
    This has two nail slot cut-outs on back of holder for secure hanging. You will receive an easy instructional template and nails for hanging This is a LOVED feature!! Customers tell us it is SO easy for them to hang